Classic Catering Co. has teamed up with Nature's Catch to offer you sustainable fresh seafood meals.
A little intro to our friends at Nature's Catch....... 

Natures Catch aims to make eating wholesome fresh seafood meals, good for you and good for the planet.

Our premium seafood is only sourced from sustainable fishing practices and all our products are free from artificial preservatives or colours.

We are 100% Australian family owned business and take pride in providing great tasting nutritious meals for the whole family.

If you love fresh wholesome, seafood and love the oceans, then you will love Natures Catch!

Individual Seafood Meals
Hot Smoked Salmon Meals
Freshly prepared using King Salmon
Fun Fact - King Salmon is so rich in Omega-3 that a single 100g serve provides the average female with enough for 3 days and a male for 2.
A great source of protein, several B vitamins and potassium.